MayMay & LoLo is a handmade, home grown company started in the living room of my Edmonton, Alberta home.

I was inspired to add a little more cute and trendy feel to my daughters' wardrobes but could not find what I was looking for in regular retail local fabric store happened to be having a sale and I was hit with an idea one day while I was getting dressed! My journey towards starting MayMay & LoLo began!

All items in the shop are handmade and no 2 are exactly the same. The variance in details--whether the style a particular garment is made in or even just the edging used on a piece is individual to that particular item. What does that mean? That your little fashionista is wearing a one of a kind garment, sewn with love, just for her. No one else will be wearing the exact same thing at your next playdate. If I wouldn't put a design on my daughters, I won't be making it for my shop.

Each item is made by me, Bethany, a mom of three children ages 3 and under, a wife, Kindergarten teacher on mat-leave, Pinterest fanatic, Diet Pepsi addict! 

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me ( and we can work together to make the perfect piece for the child in your life. Thank you for stopping by!