I'm a Mom. I get it. You quick throw a load of laundry in the washing machine as you rush out the door and as you're backing out the driveway you remember, "THE KIDMONO!! I threw it in with everything else!" And then you laugh, because it's no big deal. Your kidmono is safe amongst the rest of your dirty laundry. 

All our kidmonos are pre-washed and preshrunk making them perfectly machine washable. Just wash them however you wash the rest of your wardrobe. Nobody's got time for high maintenance clothes!

That being said...your kidmono can go in the dryer but, we do recommend a little bit of babying when it comes to drying. For longevity's sake of the delicate trims we use, we recommend air dry . But if you happen to just chuck your entire load into the dryer and forget the kidmono in with the rest of the clothes on occassion, it'll be fine!